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Tekton’s Performance Window Films will exceed your expectations with their superior performance. Marine tinting is often overlooked, but window films help to reduce your operating costs by reducing the amount of incoming solar heat. Cooling your vessel is a huge expense. By reducing energy use you increase fuel economy as well. Our films are stand up to the harsh environment that your vessel will encounter, they are non-corrosive and non-reflective, making it a perfect fit for your vessel. Our films offer up to 99% UV rejection, 75% heat rejection and will help reduce glare by up to 93%, helping you stay cool & comfortable during a summer on the water.

由于Hurper Optik用于海洋应用的陶瓷薄膜是非腐蚀性和不反光的,这意味着它们对海洋船只是安全的,并且保证不会生锈或腐蚀。因此,他们携带制造商的保修,这是世界上唯一的电影为海洋应用程序。

We also offer Paint Protection Films which provide a nearly invisible layer of protection between your vessel’s paint and the dock. Docking and launching are prime times for scrapes and hull damage. Our protective films will set your mind at ease.

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